How we work

We create photos exclusively for iStock by Getty Images, and we are always looking for people who want to be photographed.

The images produced are sent to and are available to its customers worldwide. The content can be used in advertising campaigns, articles in newspapers and magazines, as well as portals and blogs, to name a few.

As the investment of all production is ours and not everything we do ends up being licensed, as a form of remuneration, we select 15 photos of the model and deliver them in high-resolution onto an online gallery, ready for download or print. You may use the photos from the gallery as you wish, but you cannot pass them on to third parties for commercial purposes.

Every photo session requires the authorization of the model so that we can send the photos to iStock. Do not worry because this process is simple. After a photo session, via the app Easy Release, we complete the authorization process on the spot, and you receive a copy via email.

It is important to remember that no image will be used inappropriately or offensively.
If you are interested in being photographed and interested in earning professional photos of yourself, please contact us!

Come and be photographed by us, at Photo Stock NY.

*this site is not endorsed by iStock by Getty Images.

If you fit as a model, let us know by registering now.

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